Many years ago, in a different millennium and reality far, far away, The X Dose was born as a site and email list for the dirtiest of dirty jokes.

In that time, so much has changed. There were no iPhones, smartphones, no iPads, and no tablet computers of any significance back then.

Back then, when The X Dose started and ran through its golden years, when you wanted something, you had to look it up and if it wasn’t online, you had to go and get it in person. The AI Bots and audio-spooks you allow into your life without any thought nowadays, simply did not exist. There was no Google, no Alexa, no Siri, no smart robots prying into every aspect of your life, offering up suggestions to things you didn’t even know you are so interested in. There was no Bitcoin, no Blockchain and no Magic Internet Money. You didn’t have to have a humor site or your knitting-tutorial blog on https just go squeeze another percentile on your website’s SEO Metrics. Back then, it was much easier to find actual advertisers (you know, the kind that actually pay amounts you can sustain a media outfit with) for your publication, regardless of the topic. Indeed, it was in many ways, simpler times.

In its heyday, it was without question, the most vilified humor site on the Internet, and we took endless flack for it, for years on end.

We were even banned by the biggest websites and ‘celebrity’ personalities around the world, of every walk of life. Actors, Athletes, Business people, Media Moguls, Politicians, Religious leaders, and others whose status in society is admired by the masses, all the most noted ones who play ‘the game’ that society maintains, hated, no, HATED us. They asked us to take things down. We didn’t. They begged and pleaded to Internet Service Providers and Governments alike, that we be shut down. They all failed. Every. Single. Last One.

Of course, these achievements, of putting sand in the ointment of ‘civilization’ and the ‘right and moral’ way to be, and of being recognized for being so far in the extreme of the culture of adult humor, were among our biggest honors, and we will always wear that badge of being a successful, hated, misunderstood, free lovin’ and free speechin’ renegade of filthy fun, proudly. We thrived despite their attempts to censor us. We grew in spite of their evil, vile and petty minded hatred of us and our grand vision of sharing humorous things no matter how terrible.

Eventually, The X Dose grew to be the largest dirty jokes email list on the Internet, reaching trillions upon billions of views, hundreds of millions of fans, followers and loyal subscribers on a regular basis. It was so big, in fact, that Google, Bing and Yahoo each formed a secret clone version of their company, just to deal with all of the extra data we were hauling in. (OK that may be a bit of a fib. Maybe. Or at least that’s what we’ll say about it, until they admit the full size and scope of those clone organizations which monitored us to no end, officially, anyway).

red zilla the x dose mascot
go red ahead

The site surpassed its original purpose, mission and goals, a million million fold, if not more.

Life has changed a lot since then. The world has changed. Humanity has changed. Things people took for granted for so long, have vanished. Things people assumed would never happen, have happened to no end. Change is inevitable. So be it. We like that, as it keeps life more interesting.

Gone are the dirty jokes and cartoons from the front end of the site and the email list. Of course we have everything stored in our deep archives. Maybe we’ll release it in some form again in the future, for Internet humor archivists and scholars of the

Meanwhile, this site is being put to new uses. Mostly in the behind the scenes. And some of it, right here, up front and visual.

We hope you’ll like it, and that you’ll let us know what you think, as always, about The X Dose.

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